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Budget Revision: Time it Right!

In this week’s blog, Reuben Glynn, Managing Director, PIC, reminds practitioners about the importance of revising budgets before a current approved/agreed budget has been exceeded. Practitioners will be aware that CPR PD 3E para 7.6 provides that parties may ‘revise a budget in respect of future costs upwards or downwards, if significant developments in the litigation warrant such revisions’. The hurdle to overcome is a relatively high one and it remains imperative that great care is taken in the first…

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(A Different) Mitchell Case: Proportionality & Additional Liabilities?

In this recent SCCO matter, Master Leonard found that a £10,000.00 ATE premium incurred in a clinical negligence matter was both reasonable and proportionate. Seamus Kelly, Costs Consultant, reports. Background The claim related to negligent treatment of an ovarian endometrioma. The Claimant’s solicitors were engaged in June 2013, and following a review of the medical records, instructed an expert in gynaecology and obstetrics to prepare an initial report in February 2015. The expert’s report supported the contention that the Defendant…

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Managing the costs of clinical negligence: A claimant’s perspective on the NAO report

The eagerly awaited report from the National Audit Office (NAO) has recently been published and provides an interesting read for claimant and defendant solicitor practitioners, as well as NHS staff. Seamus Kelly, Costs Consultant, reports. The focus of the report was to assess the government’s efforts to understand and manage the rising costs of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts. In particular, the report examines what is causing the rising costs of clinical negligence claims and whether the NHS Resolution and the Department…

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