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For many, the frustrations and delays solicitors experience means that they either accept offers that are too low or fail to put sufficient pressure on the Paying Party to progress the claim.

At PIC we have a dedicated team who are wholly familiar with the tactics employed by Paying parties’ representatives and know when to take a harsh line and when to be flexible. We have a reputation for standing our ground.


We will provide you with advice from the outset, as to the steps we intend to take and the amounts we feel are reasonable. We also ensure that you are updated as the case progresses, including providing regular management reports as to the progression of your files.

Our negotiators have a moderate case load which means that they have the time to devote to each file, to ensure that the claim is progressed rapidly to conclusion.

We like to enter into service level agreements so that each client has an agreed work flow, which provides a guarantee as to the timescales within which we operate.

However, this does not take away from the individual approach taken to each case, it merely ensures that you can have confidence as to the steps being taken to recover your costs.