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Advice on Costs

One criticism we often hear from clients when it comes to the advice provided by our competitors, is that they are more akin to a ‘disclaimer’ than a helpful informative ‘Advice’.

We understand that in engaging the services of a Costs Expert, our clients reasonably expect some form of opinion. Whilst we of course do not possess a crystal ball, we do possess sufficient experience to nail our colours to the mast when it comes to advising clients. Our Advices are comprehensive and are provided at the three key stages; when the Bill is drafted, when the first offer is received against the Bill of Costs and when Replies are drafted.

At every stage, we are frank with our advice outlining all relevant issues and confirming our firm opinions on suitable settlement figures. With our well established clients our Advices have informed Department Heads on how file management can be improved and where cost efficiencies can be achieved. Our long standing experience of providing such Advices has placed us on a strong footing with the advent of Costs Budgeting as we already know how to justify our clients’ costs.

And whilst our Advices are always provided at key stages in the Costs process, we’re always happy to advise on general costs issues at any time.